How Can I Help?

With 14 years experience of growing a company from the ground floor up, I've learned a lot, experienced a lot and grown a lot.

One thing I know from all of the learning, experiencing, and growing I've done is everyone needs some help along the path of success!

I walk our local track with a friend every morning, and I know that if it wasn't for that friend, there are days I'd roll over and sleep through the walking time when sleep was more appealing, or cut the laps short on the days I didn't feel like pushing that hard to complete the goal distance.  As we walk, we also talk about life, encourage each other and sometimes just laugh and start the day with a smile.

I see the journey we take to succeed in a business like that track.  

  • Some days are harder to get going than others and we need motivation
  • Some days it's harder to push through and persevere than others and we need accountability 
  • Some days we get discouraged and we need encouragement 
  • Some days we don't know how to take the next step and we need advice
  • Some days we just need to know that someone else is walking with us so we can laugh together and smile along the journey.  

My vision for this blog includes that kind of 'stepping together'.  
So let me know how I can help! 

  • Have a question I might be able to answer in a blog post?  Leave a comment and I'll address it.  What I have learned is if one person has a question, lots of others have the same question and one post might meet the need of many walking the same track!
  • Need training advice or material to lead a team? Post a quick comment about the problem and I'll make it the topic of my next blog post.  If I don't know the answer...I know lots of people who do and will ask them to share too.  
  • Lacking motivation?  Share what is pulling you down and I'll pray about how God would want to cheer you on.  
  • STUCK?  Tell me where you are and where you want to be and we'll explore the next step you can take to get things moving again.  It's a sure thing that someone else is feeling just as stuck and would benefit from the same 'next step' ideas.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and stepping out together on the track to success!  


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