A Step in the Wrong Direction

You may have noticed that I like to define the steps to be taken in your business as 'forward moving'.  I like to be clear when encouraging people to take a step...any step... to put their business into action because sometimes a wrong step can be made. 

A step in the wrong direction.

These 'wrong' directions can be 'side stepping' or taking steps backwards.  They usually aren't intentional, but to avoid them we have to be aware of the cause of them.  Let's explore a few of these 'wrong' direction steps...

Side Steps:
  • You might be a side stepper if ...you have ever had this conversation with yourself:  "I know I need to get on the phone to call my contacts, but calling people is out of my comfort zone...so I'll just send a mass email.  I'm sure people will appreciate that more and if they want something, they will tell me after they get this email."
    • Relationships are the back bone of a business.  Connecting over the phone is the life blood of a relationship.  
    • Turn side steps into forward movement by creating a script.  Don't start dialing with the idea that  you'll figure out what to say when they answer (all the while hoping they don't answer so you can leave a voice message that says 'call me'!).  Decide what you have to offer this person you are calling and respect their time by getting to the point.  
      • Did they buy something in the past?  Have a 'just checking to be sure all is well with your xxx product' script ready to go.  
      • Did they mention they might like to consider hosting a show for you?  Have a 'let me tell you about the special and exciting benefits of hosting a show this month' script ready to go.,  
      • Have they been purchasing from you for a while / held one or more shows or been a great source of referrals?  Have a 'I wanted to tell you how much I've been thinking about you and how you would be great doing what I do' script ready.   
  • You might be a side stepper if ...you are constantly busy in your office but you have no money in your bank account to prove how busy you have been! 
    • Oh, how easy it is to side step around income producing activity when we tend to the business of organizing our offices, sorting our conference notes, and reading the next of several self help books on your list for this month. 
    • Turn side steps into forward movement by scheduling time blocks in your well organized planner.  Example:
      • Sunday: 1 hour in the office organizing any mess that has accumulated over the last week and making sure my planner has income earning activity blocked out for the rest of the week. 1 hour in the office writing thank you notes to customers, hosts and notes of encouragement to team members (mail on Monday).  1 hour reading my self help book of the month.
      • Monday: 1-2 hours to call anyone you have identified in the last week as potential hosts (they  marked a card noting their interest, they said they can't afford all they want, they said...'hey, I might want to host a show!').  Have script ready *wink* and calendar open with dates to fill.  1 hour reading a self help book or listening to a tape...taking note of any steps you can add to your business activity this week to increase forward movement (and then do them *wink*)
      • Tuesday:  1-2 hours to call all of my customers from 3-4 weeks ago and follow up with a 'how is the product' service call.  Have a script ready for reorders, booking opportunities or sponsoring conversations!  1 hour taking care of any accounting or book keeping work necessary in my business. 
      • Wednesday: Ect.....
You get the idea... block times in your calendar week to week with activity that will move you forward and be dedicated enough to do it!  Block in time for those office organizing tasks, self improvement activities and such too...just make sure they aren't the only things you do! The time limits help you stay on task. 

Backward Steps:
  • You might be taking backward steps if... you started your business with great enthusiasm but most of the items that came in your first shipment are still in the box or sitting on a desk partially opened. 
    • Take some time to identify what pulled you back.  Some common causes of this type of back stepping are:
      • negative input from friends and family.  "you're doing what?"  "you tried xyz before and nothing happened...this is just the same thing" "how much is this one going to cost us?"
        • remedy: QUICK... get on the phone and call the person that sponsored you and ask her/him to put you on the company's fast start track...or give you a goal you can reach in the next 48 hours...or call your closest, most supportive friend and ask them to be your very first party host.  Do this now...not later.  You are in dire need of a reminder of why you wanted to do this in the first place!
      • The word NO.  The first person you called said no, or the last few people you called said no.  Now you are starting to doubt yourself or your business and are stepping backwards into a place where you lose sight of what you love about your company or the successes you have had in the past. 
        • remedy: QUICK... pull up a word document on your computer and type out the word 'NO' 100 times.  At the top of that page write this: "MY GOAL IS TO GET 100 NO'S FROM PEOPLE I CALL AS FAST AS I CAN".  At the bottom of that page, after the 100th NO, write this: 'NOW THAT I HAVE GOTTEN 100 'NOS' I WILL TREAT MYSELF TO (fill in the blank with something like 'a manicure', coffee with a friend, an ice cream sundae...something you can treat yourself with to say 'I did it')  And one more thing to type on that page ~ this very important sentence: WHILE I WAS GETTING THOSE NOS I ALSO GOT THESE YESES and  THIS MUCH BUSINESS: .  Follow that sentence with places to mark the yeses you got, whether it was a sale (how much), a booking (date) or a sponsoring appointment (date). 
          • now start calling and cross off those nos until you hit #100...marking the yes info along the way. 
Sometimes focusing on the negative input in our lives will drive us to retreat into doubt or defeat.  One of my favorite words of encouragment for moving forward in our walk comes from scripture:

Philippians 3: 13b-14 ~ Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Let's Get There One Step at a Time,
Copyright© 2012 Just One Step at a Time

Did you recognize yourself as a side stepper or a back stepper?  Have you overcome wrong steps in the past?  Do you have other causes for wrong steps in your business that you'd like encouragement or help with?  Please share, ask or encourage below by clicking the comment link and leaving us your thoughts.  We'd be so encouraged!!

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