Do It Scared...Sharing Some Inspiring Courage

I was going to continue with my series on boundaries today, but this morning, as I was doing a little morning reading (I don't get the paper here in East Texas back country blogs are my morning read!), I read something I just had to share.

EVERYONE needs to read this!  It applies to life dreams as well as business goals.  The words are powerful and inspiring.  Hey...I'm all fired up now and it wasn't the coffee!

THIS LINK is to Michael Hyatt's International Leadership Blog, where Jeff Goins guest posted today.  But be sure to hop over to Jeff's blog after reading the article and check out other things from Jeff...he's one of my favorite writers!

While he primarily writes to encourage writers, 
I think you will find many of his posts speak to all of us 
as we seek to become all we were created to be!  

Let's Get There One Step at a Time,

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