Erasing Lines


Sometimes the one step we need to take is the one we've told ourselves we can't take, aren't able to take or have drawn a line that says 'don't step past this place'.  

Think back to 3, 5, or 10 years ago. 

What are you doing now that you thought was impossible back then? 
  • Have you started a business or reached a career level you never dreamed possible? 
  • Do you live in a home that is more than you imagined having when you first left home? 
  • Maybe you are able to give back through philanthropic endeavors in ways that exceed your expectations?
[Take a moment to write your achievements down before continuing....]

Still thinking back, what were the things that made you limit the possibilities in your mind?  

Said another way, what made you consider what is now a reality to be impossible back then? 
  • Fears?
  • Insecurities?
  • Self doubt?
  • Limited resources?
  • Lack of opportunity?
  • No vision?
[Take a moment to write the limiting factors that existed back then before continuing....]

Now walk with me down the path that brought you from those years long ago to the present.  What happened along the way that turned what you considered to be impossible into the possible
  • Did you overcome a fear(s)?  How?
  • Did you conquer an insecurity by learning what you needed to know to move forward?
  • Did time and experience give you the confidence you lacked?
  • Maybe you were surrounded by encouraging people who cheered you on when you wanted to give up.  If so, who? What did they tell you? 
  • If resources were limited, how did you keep that from getting in your way?
  • Were you presented with opportunities that you never imagined existed?
  • Did you catch a glimpse of a vision?  What was it? 
 [Take a moment to think about these life changing events and write them down before continuing....]

Looking at your list of achievements and the answers to the questions above, you will see that at one point in your life you drew a line that said 'this is possible but that is not'.  AND THEN YOU PROVED YOURSELF WRONG!  

So where DO you draw the line 
between possible and impossible?  

Maybe a better question is this...
SHOULD I draw a line 
between possible and impossible?  

As we aspire to reach new goals, accomplish new things, and seek a new vision for our lives, it's important that we not put boundaries in places they don't need to be.  

Before you draw that line defining what is and is not possible, look back at what you have achieved and remember this...

Impossible is just a challenge 
you have yet to overcome!

So let's make one more list.  
  • What do you want to achieve next?  
  • What goal have you put off because you had drawn a line?
  • What have you told yourself you "can't" do, but wish you could?  
  [Take a moment to think about this and write down your thoughts before continuing....]

Finally, use what you learned from seeing how past impossibilities became current realities and attack this last list with answers and solutions. 
  • Don't know how to do it?  Find out where to learn and make it happen. 
  • Not sure you can do it?  Try and find out!
  • Feeling discouraged?  Seek out others who have done it already and ask them to be your mentor and source of encouragement.   
The line drawn between possible and impossible 
can only be drawn by YOU.  

Where will YOU draw the line?   Or better yet…

When we take time to look back and see how we have overcome limitations and crossed over boundaries to reach our current level of success, we learn that we are.... 

  • stronger than we think
  • smarter than we think  
  • more capable than we think.
Use this knowledge to set a plan of action for your future POSSIBILITIES and get on course to making them your new REALITIES!   

Let’s Get There One Step at a Time,
Copyright© 2012 Just One Step at a Time

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